Color Calculator

Step 1. Enter one of the triplets below. The other triplets may be left blank.
Step 2. Change the selections for Matrix, Gamma and Primaries as desired.
Step 3. Click the button of the entered triplet to calculate the other triplets.

[16 ... 235] [16 ... 128 ... 240] [16 ... 128 ... 240]


[16 ... 235]
[0 ... 255]


[0 ... 1]


Distance from white point in xy:


The white point is D65.
Reference ranges are shown in brackets.
Matrix affects conversion between Y'CbCr and R'G'B'.
Gamma affects conversion between nonlinear R'G'B' and linear RGB.
Primaries affect conversion between RGB and XYZ.
Gamma supports negative values in R'G'B' and RGB by mirroring positive values.

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